Cancellation Refund Guarantee IS NOW ON SALE

Cancellation Refund Guarantee IS NOW ON SALE

Today, Monday 24th September, we are launching a new program suited to customers who are not purchasing travel insurance. This program guarantees them a full refund without admin fees should they change their mind and notify us at least 48 hrs prior to 4pm on the day of arrival.

Cancellation requests must be made at least 48 hour prior to 3pm on the day of arrival

This service must be purchased and paid for, within 24 hours of making a booking with us and is exclusively available on our website and by phone. After this time, this service is not available and the booking will be held to the conditions originally stated. This means, should plans change, there will be no refund under any circumstances.

There are two fees for this program, these are based on the value of the original booking. 
  1. Reservation value less than $750, fee is $35
  2. Reservation value $750 or more, fee is $49
This service can be booked in our online lounge by visiting: or call 1300889930 to speak with our Concierge team.


Can guests with a gift voucher use this for the Guaranteed Refund Program
YES – The $20 book direct gift voucher given to customers to personalise their stay can be redeemed against this program

I booked last week, can I still buy this service?
Unfortunately NO, this service must be booked within 24 hours of making a new booking in order for it to be valid.

I have purchased the service today but I booked last week, what happens now?
Whilst we have limited the terms and conditions, we certainly must ensure this product is purchased within 24 hours of making a booking. Please contact our concierge team who will assist you in refunding this purchase.

I also booked other services such as late arrival, car parking etc, do I get a refund on these?
YES, anything you have paid will be fully refunded

What is the difference between the Booking Protection and the Cancellation Refund Guarantee?
The main differences are:
  1. Booking Protection is only available to customers who book direct, Cancellation Refund Guarantee can be purchased by any customer
  2. Booking Protection doesn’t give you an actual refund, it allows you to change dates and we can hold a credit for six months for you however, there is no refund as such. With our Cancellation Refund Guarantee, you will get a full refund

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