A newly developed program to reward and recognize our regular business customers.  This program is specifically tailored for business travelers who book direct and provides additional services, upgrades and more. It all starts by simply booking with our Booking Concierge by calling 1300 88 99 30.

Our new program includes:
  • Guaranteed best rate including our 24-hour guarantee.
  • Additional 10% discount on our amazing everyday standard rates including our two night and four-night discounted rates.
  • Free cancellation refund guarantee, normally $35-$49.
  • Access to secret apartments and suites NOT available on and Expedia.
  • Free bottle of wine and a goody box, or upgrade to a super-value package.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Mobile check in, being rolled out in June 2019.
  • Pay by company credit card or by bank transfer.
  • The customer staying can provide a personal credit card in their name for authorisation or this can be guaranteed by company credit card at the companies request.
  • Exclusive access to our new business lounge, hot desks and more with our partnership with the 11th Space, the new business hub at 568 Collins Street for customers staying at our Collins Street Residences.

Membership Qualifications:
  1. Guest must fill-out a form on the following link available on our website:
  2. Once the application ticket comes in, please forward to Support Manager to be verified for eligibility.
  3. Support manager must verify the company's ABN on the following link:
  4. Once verified, manager must respond to the guest that they have been successfully enrolled on our business class program.
  5. Once verified, add the company name and guest(s) name(s) on the members list below.
  6. Add all contact details of the listed names on the application form on the CRM. i.e. person authorised to make bookings, persons allowed to stay. Account name should be the company name.
Verified Company Members:
  1. Intrepid Travel (refer to ticket #265090)
  2. DF Consulting (refer to ticket #272064)
  3. CSIRO (refer to ticket #265694)
  4. Collaborate (refer to ticket #271674)
  5. NZSB (refer to ticket #271724)
  6. Aspire Collection pty Ltd (refer to ticket #271784)
  7. Aok Bobcat and Excavator Hire (refer to ticket #271785)
  8. Financial Sauce Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #271814)
  9. MILLICARE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (refer to ticket #271840)
  10. Movement for Life (refer to ticket #271872)
  11. TEK Ocean (refer to ticket #271898)
  12. John Foord (refer to ticket #271958)
  13. Communications Design & Management Pty Limited (refer to ticket #271959)
  14. Shelton and Lane (refer to ticket #271961)
  15. Freshface Aesthetic Treatments (refer to ticket #271979)
  16. Fashion Concepts Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #272022)
  17. J Davis Agencies (refer to ticket #272052)
  18. VirtuosiQ (refer to ticket #272061)
  19. Gina Maria’s Empire (refer to ticket #272225)
  20. Ravertys Electrics Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #272921)
  21. Westpac (refer to ticket #273132)
  22. Daizy Boutique (refer to ticket #273211)
  23. Gampola Pastoral Co (refer to ticket #274234)
  24. N8 Speech Pathology (refer to ticket #274389)
  25. Exclusive Insight (refer to ticket #276607)
  26. New South Wales Department of Education - Woy Woy South Public School (refer to ticket #277942)
  27. ILSC (refer to ticket #277969)
  28. ARC Solutions (refer to ticket #278949)
  29. Luxe Executive Travel (refer to ticket #279427)
  30. ERM Australia Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #281533)
  31. Joyful (Aus) Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #281750)
  32.  LN PRODUCTIONS (refer to ticket #281879)
  33. ANZCP (refer to ticket #282764)
  34. Jade Engineering P/L (refer to ticket #284001)
  35. healthy cleaning solutions (refer to ticket #285701)
  36. Dargent Services PtyLtd (refer to ticket #285669)
  37. Ramble & Drift Creative (refer to ticket #285610)
  38. Thermal Coding Australia Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #285553)
  39. Roubaix Consulting Pty Limited (refer to ticket #285503)
  40. CAWSEY MENCK PTY LTD (refer to ticket #285490)
  41. Computer Security Solutions (refer to ticket #285416)
  42. Workforce Planning Global (refer to ticket #285415)
  43. Unified Incentives (refer to ticket #285273)
  44. southern cross business finance (refer to ticket #285201)
  45. Essentially Inspired Wellness (refer to ticket #288130)
  46. Horton Consulting Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #2917380)
  47. Brett Sprigg (regular guest)
  48. team xpress global - Steven Miceli (refer to ticket #294454)
  49. Corra Linn Distrillery (refer to ticket #294936)
  50. Global Factory Maintenance (refer to ticket #295305)
  51. Tasmania Police (refer to ticket #308539)
  52. Connect Pacific P/L (refer to ticket #308778)
  53. Mackay Regional Council (refer to ticket #309303)
  54. Expocentric (refer to ticket #311200)
  55. Cairns P&T Investments Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #311936)
  56. Meales Concrete Pumping (refer to ticket #315292)
  57. Rawson Lewis (refer to ticket #316119)
  58. Openwealth Software Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #316128)
  59. Openwealth Software Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #316128)
  60. Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia (refer to ticket #316140)
  61. Corporate Governance Risk Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #316207)
  62. No Guilt , Just Pleasure (refer to ticket #316279)
  63. Fleurieu Beach Volleyball (refer to ticket #316463)
  64. Australian School of Applied Management (refer to ticket #317690)
  65. Brett Clarke (refer to ticket #317977)
  66. The University of Sydney (refer to ticket #318019)
  67. OpenCities Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #318177)
  68.  Ridley Agriproducts (refer to ticket #319980)
  69. Anglicare (refer to ticket #320725)
  70. Alimak Group Australia Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #322691)
  71.  Fastrack Technology (refer to ticket #322741)
  72. MTR Corporation Ltd (refer to ticket #323996)
  73. Alliance for Gambling Reform (refer to ticket #325253)
  74. Bramley Transport (refer to ticket #325607)
  75. Sitstand Interiors Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #326417)
  76. FCM (refer to ticket #328026)
  77.  Classic Holidays (refer to ticket #328267)
  78. RightShip Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #328544)
  79. Mediabrands (refer to ticket #331229)
  80. Calleo Resourcing Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #333748)
  81. CPI FUND PTY LTD (refer to ticket #333811)
  82. Click Click Marketing (refer to ticket #334417)
  83. SYM-PAC Solutions (refer to ticket #339702)
  84. Silver Raven Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #336334)
  85. Corporate Traveller Empire QLD 119 (refer to ticket #347099)
  86. Corporate Traveller (refer to ticket #350156)
  87. DEVERE HOTEL (refer to ticket #352596)
  88. Hibbs & Associates (refer to ticket #346181)
  89. Jetways Travels Pvt Ltd (refer to ticket #353024)
  90. James Cook University (refer to ticket #360327)
  91. No Guilt Just Pleasure (refer to ticket #361844)
  92. ClubMates Travel Pty Ltd (refer to ticket #364009)
  93. Hallmark Australia (refer to ticket #368557)

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